Saturday, 30 March 2013

mar, 30th - an easter present....

day 1137 / 236:

inspired by this image on Pinterest using egg cartons for packaging, i wanted to create an Easter gift for a creative friend. i've always had a thing for egg cartons....probably left over from from my preschool, crafting projects (oh, my mum must have loved those) or the idea that these boxes contain precious, fragile cargo......for the Pinterest idea they filled the carton with small, breakfast treats. i also loved this use for cartons in a cafe in South Africa.

anyway, i did think about putting different bulbs into each egg recess that my friend could plant in her garden but decided to go for biscuits instead. i put most of the ingredients for a simple, iced biscuit recipe into a painted carton (all that's missing is the unsalted butter for the biscuits and the icing) and then finished it off with the recipe and a cookie cutter on the outside. 

i loved the result, but my mind is now whirring with ideas for future egg cartons? any suggestions?


  1. Oh what a gorgeous Easter gift idea! I LOVE it and I might have to use this next year. You could put an essential oil in each one? Or perhaps a hand written poem or saying that has special meaning to that person?
    Hmmm, endles possibilities!!!
    X Katrina

  2. I was thinking beauty products for someone needing some pampering, perhaps with some relaxation teabags in to boot. Or a pattern to make a small felted toy with a pattern, some thread, trimings and a piece of felt?

  3. lovely idea Dee, so unique- one of the best gifts I ever received was a cookbook (Moro East) with a homemade bookmark in it, then a basket full of the freshest and most beautiful ingredients (saffron, pumpkin etc) to make jewelled rice. This gift has inspired me many times to try to recreate the themed approach, and have made a 'reading pack' for one friend, and a 'winter themed' gift for another friend, in baskets or boxes. I think I might have to steal the egg carton idea- I might put some beads in for a friend who likes to make jewellery?

  4. Such a lovely idea, and the possibilities are endless!


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