Sunday, 3 March 2013

mar, 3rd - 9/52....

"a portrait of the girls, once a week, every week, in 2013"

day 1111 / 210:

Claya: enormously proud of the fact that she can clap
Limi: out on a cold day, shattered after a few hours of manic playing in the park and resting on A.'s shoulders. she had just said to me: "Mama, please can it be Spring now"

you can read more about this 52 Project here.


  1. wow,these are stunning,like usual :)

    your girls are getting so darn big!

    and man claya looks A LOT like limi!!

  2. So adorable! Your little Claya and her clapping hands are the sweetest. x

  3. Beautiful. Bless Limi & her desire for Spring - it's just turned Autumn here & I'm already pining for Spring!

    Sar xx


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