Wednesday, 13 March 2013

mar, 13th - a neon bright birthday....

day 1120 / 219:

we went to O's second birthday over the weekend. it was full of neon bright touches which was a tonic against the icy cold conditions that don't seem to be yielding at the moment. we ate cake, caught up and did some hula hooping....all good activities for a Sunday.

i loved the multi-coloured candles perched on top of the two rainbow cake towers (it was a joint birthday with one of O's best friends). i definitely think that blowing out ten candles beats two every time.

the kids decorated party hats (for the patient ones, these were set aside to dry) but Limi's decorations all fell off within seconds and she was left with a minimalist three dots. there was also a hand-drawn table'cloth' for them to colour in......such lovely touches.... 

what is even more impressive is that our friends have very recently welcomed twin boys into the family...and they still manage to throw an impressive, joint bash.....welcome to the world boys...we can't wait to get to know you. and, happy birthday O! not only are you a very grown-up two but you're now a big sister too.


  1. Woah twins and a two year old and a party! What a fun time. I love kid's parties they make me feel so much part of a community xxx

  2. You girls really do throw the best parties ... so fun, and that cake is just divine !!!

  3. I love the DIY party hats, what a cute idea! When I was 8 or 9 I had a princess-themed birthday party and we decorated princess hats kind of like this.... but with a lot more glitter! Love the cake too, I'm glad to see that other people can replicate things that I see on pinterest.

  4. I stumbled across your blog from 16 house – what a surprise to scroll down and see Clarise! I used to work with her in London, she's still as gorgeous as ever. And it seems still has a great eye for detail!

    Anna :)


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