Friday, 1 March 2013

mar, 1st - a london bash....{the after pics}

day 1109 / 208:

by the end middle of Limi's party, everyone and everything looked alot less like this

i had also run out of steam on producing the amazing birthday cake that had been floating around in my head for weeks and opted instead for a decidedly underwhelming, store-bought, victoria sponge (that gave us a chance to sing happy birthday and limi and friends a chance to blow out some candles). 

dress-up costumes had been discarded.....

and almost everyone was wearing some sort of crown (and in Limi's case a bodyful of gold stars)......

a bit of general chaos = a good party in my experience.....


  1. yep ... you know how to throw a good party, love that first one of Limi !!!
    Oh and I think the cake looks great and I bet the kids did too !!!


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