Saturday, 14 August 2010

aug, 14th - come back, i promise not to cling....

day 183:

so 6 months and separation anxiety sets, it's me experiencing it, not limi. fast forward 5 years and i'm going to be the one clinging onto her ankle at the school gates.....crying 'don't go!' naturally, i thought that i was much tougher (see day 65) know....more like...apron strings? pah! i use a stick on apron. but, when it comes down to seems i'm more like....apron handcuffs.

what brought this on.....limi moved out! no, not into her own London Shoebox saying 'i'll call you mum, don't call me'....but just 5 paces into the next room.....(yes, it is that close in a London Shoebox....Mother Hubbard had nothing on us)

we never expected to keep her in our room for 6 months....6 months seems like ages when you're looking at other parents but given that her room was previously where guests stayed, it has been half nursery and half bed-for-guests up until now...and the 6 months has flown by. added to that, it's just been easier to pluck her from the cot next to the bed in the middle of the night.

now that most of the Summer guests had been and seemed that the time had come to move her in. so last night...fresh from Italy, Limi slept in her own room....and far from loving the 'freedom'....i very nearly curled up on the floor next to her.

those 5 paces seem gigantic (especially when you have to navigate them in the middle of the night....nope, she still doesn't sleep through) and i just missed not being able to open my eyes and catch a glimpse of her snorting in her sleep, or just opening those eyes and giving me a smile....or wrestling with zozo.

on the plus side....when i went in this was the most excited someone has been to see me since we left A.'s dad with Limi and came back to discover him mid-change (he'd held off for as long as possible)....

to be met with huge grins and wriggles of excitement each day....that may just make the missing her easier.


  1. oh i know that feeling well. experienced it not too long ago. i think it's the beginning of learning to let go.....

  2. We went through this recently when we moved our baby into her own room, which is also the guest room. We had guests coming to stay with us, so we moved her into her room and stayed there with her while the guest were with us and then shifted back to our room once they left. It seemed to be a good transition.


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