Friday, 6 August 2010

aug, 6th - 6 months....

"Conversation in Italy is personal. Italians are interested in you, your family, and children. Especially children - so you can fish out those snapshots of the bambini without feeling gauche or provincial."

day 175:

6 months old today! so...the 6 month round-up....

Dimensions & Weight:

Lenth - 67cms 
(now requires two people to measure a very wriggly baby...bring on the standing-against-a-wall-with-a-ruler years)
Foot Length - 9.8cms (no change)
Hand Length - 8cms (no change) 

Ear Length - 4.5cms 
(which hasn't changed in 4 months just goes to show that ears don't grow very fast)

Hair - growing...yay!!! still strawberry blonde.
Weight - still haven't weighed her...but you know, she looks healthy.

This Month's Likes & Dislikes:

Likes -
  • scooting around on the floor without actually crawling
  • rolling and rolling and rolling....still
  • playing in the park with her yoga-buddies (day 159)

  • sitting...with some dramatic face-planting....(soft surfaces still critical)
  • swimming and especially splashing (day 161)
  • sleeping with her hands behind her head....sunbathing style

  • soprano singing....very, very...very high pitched...still
  • blowing rasberries....still
  • bouncing...boing...boing....boing in her door bouncer (day 168)
  • eating toes...still
  • her cousins sheika and ethan...they make her belly-laugh

  • saying to brainwash her with dada too
  • unusual pureed food combinations....pomegranate + plum + guava or spinach+ parsnip + basil or melon + avocado...and alfresco dining

  • violent forms of pulling, nose grabbing, nail raking, eye poking.....still
  • grass between the fingers

Dislikes -
  • baby porridge (day 164)
  • peas
  • loud sneezes
  • not being able to crawl....very frustrating
  • the italian baby formula equivalent...not quite the same

p.s. since this is the big half a year....i will also post a parent-progress-report when i get back to london next week.

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