Sunday, 8 August 2010

aug, 8th - date night....

"Romance is as much a part of Italy as its art and its history. Perhaps the feeling of romance that wells up in you when you come to Italy is one of the greatest things that Italy has to offer a world that is tired of war and political intrigue....hotel managers, waiters and bellhops make you conscious of your own love and accentuate it in such a way that you feel more in love in this country than in any other."
Fodor's Modern Guides. Italy 1957.

[my date last night. posting such a posed shot, will get me in BIG trouble...but hey i love it. 
he was wearing a shirt and shoes last night!]

day 177:

last night was the first time in 176 days that A. and i have gone on a dinner date without a baby, buggy and big bag in tow. yes, we've been on dates since Limi was born (we were proud that we managed a night out before she was 2 months old) but these dates were: to watch a movie, to a music concert, to lunch and to dinners has been no romantic dinner dates, for just the two of us. 

it just hasn't seemed 176, on reflection that does surprise me and ASTOUND my pre-limi self!!! the first few months, we were just keen to keep her close to us and she slept so soundly through every dinner that it just didn't seem like a big hassle to scoot her along. then, we were travelling quite a bit and her routine was out, so it just seemed easier to subject ourselves to that rather than a baby-sitter and now, for the last month or so, we just haven't got our act together to pay for someone to come and sit. (it definitely would be different if we had family close by)

but in celebration of A.'s birthday (today) sister offered to baby-sit while we went off to the small hilltop town of Todi, for dinner at the gorgeous Pane e Vino.

although Limi is generally a joy to take along to just don't realise what a difference it makes not having her around until you're sitting there...not thinking about whether she's cold or hot, not thinking about whether she's in the way, not thinking about whether she's awake or asleep, not thinking about taking her home and putting her to bed.....

the NOT thinking.....was absolute bliss!!

and so was the just being a girl and a boy again, out on a date. welcome back you two.

p.s. my sister and mum were absolute stars and she was sound asleep when we got home. thank you, thank you, thank you birthday-gift-that-i-benefit-from ever!

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