Tuesday, 31 August 2010

aug, 31st - 200 day report-card....

day 200:

the 100 days since our last report-card have flown by.....it still feels like we are just starting out with this discovery and i'm already saying to limi: 'slow down, slow down....stop growing so fast, i can't keep up...and then in the same breath.....i can't wait for all the exciting times ahead'. i mean, it's not like we haven't heard this a million times before, friends and family saying: 'savour every second.....they grow up so fast'.

so today, i am going to take a breath....put away the long, out-of-control todo list and just enjoy spending time with limi....

since day 100, limi has achieved the following:

we have achieved the following:

  •        200 days without breaking her or each other
  •        an average of 6.5 hours sleep a night...and even a bit of a routine
  •        a sense of humour (even on days like these....day 186)
  •        let her escape our clutches (day 183)
  •        managed to entertain a baby on a 5 hour car trip (day 155)

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