Wednesday, 18 August 2010

aug, 18th - nostalgia.....

day 187:

so, it's clear that i'm currently a bit obsessed with Hipstamatic and Polarize (see day 115)...especially the nostalgic quality of the pics....and then there is the ease with which i can sneak a shot with my phone instead of hauling out the beast which proclaims: 'i am about to take your picture'

i also like a bit of Photoshop! 
after spending 4 years in a darkroom (is that retro yet?) as part of my degree, it's interesting just how many of those darkroom skills are transferrable to Photoshop. but, given that i majored in Photography before the digital age.....i still have loads to learn....and i'm having a great time practising with my mite sized model.

i stumbled across this fabulous photoshop tutorial yesterday (you know...there i was wandering around Google....). it explains in detail how to turn normal pics into vintage, Hipstamatesque (new one for the Oxford dictionary) prints. Hooray! Thanks, Carrie.

so, here's one i did earlier (how pale is Limi next to this just-been-to-Greece sister of mine):

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