Monday, 16 August 2010

aug, 16th - my sister...

day 185:

my sister is the best.....if you want to borrow her then you need to join the friends are already in it.....she's always protected me and even though i'm younger.....i never had to run snivelling to my mum saying 'nix won't play with me', i was always included in her games, even when her friends were around.

once, she even let me try out a short hairstyle on her doll first (she may not have given me permission...but hey...she didn't get too angry)

[recorded voice: if you have just dialled the borrow-dee's-sister line, you are now no. 486 in the queue]

she has taught me how to be a more responsible person and to trust my own decisions, even if it means going against my peers (quite a feat when you grow up in a small town). she even instilled in me a rigid cleanse, tone and moisturise routine that stuck after wild-university nights out. my most wonderful times have been when we are together doing something creative: planning her wedding, planning my wedding, 

making head-pieces for our Christmas Eve celebrations, making a change table from scratch......she is an incredible friend, an amazing cook, the most generous person i know and makes every special occasion into a wonderfully, decadent festival. i want to celebrate your birthday around my sister!

[recorded voice: if you have just dialled the borrow-dee's-sister line, you are now no. 489 in the queue]

i have to admit a dark secret though....(no, this is not about her missing strawberry patch purse...that i may or may not have buried in the garden). when my sister had her first baby......i felt quite (shamefully) jealous. not that she had a baby but that i, as her baby sister, would no longer take priority...who was going to look after me?

but...somehow, she's managed.....
and she just gets it!

with limi...she flew in just as that initial euphoria started waning and the tiredness kicked in.....she cooked, cleaned, rescued us in the mornings, taught me how to bathe a baby, gave me the confidence to go out and about, threw a fantastic head-wetting party and once again ensured that i felt comfortable in my own ability. she is also the reason that limi has the most fabulous wardrobe and that i had clothes to wear post-baby (and didn't have to live in pyjamas).

she is the best.

[recorded voice: if you have just dialled the borrow-dee's-sister line, you are now no. 521 in the queue]

happy birthday, my sister!

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  1. I don't know what to say........I love you and am so very very lucky to have a baby sister that is so wonderful and easy to be around and who also adds so much to mine and a niece who I love just as much as mine


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