Friday, 27 August 2010

aug, 27th - graduating...

[still not able to take pics at the pool, so another pic from the bath]

day 196:

today, limi graduated from her first term of swimming (yes, it is that serious...even at 6 months). next week, we have a mid-term break and then we're back for term 2.

so, from day 161 she has learnt the following:

  • to catch a duck....i learnt to say: reach, reach, reach....hold, hold, hold
  • to close her eyes when anyone says Go!.....which may not be useful one day when she's doing the 100 metre sprint....but for swimming it helps because Ready! suggests that she's about to get splashed in the face or plunged under the water....and Go! means the splash or plunge is now happening
  • to float on her back (while only being cupped by her cheeks) and listening to a gurgling, underwater version of twinkle, twinkle little star
  • to play water polo...okay, slight pad away the ball when it comes towards her
  • to Splash....and Splash some more
  • to swoop under the water from the teacher towards me (amazing to watch, especially below the surface)
  • to be plucked from the side of the pool and plunged under the water for 2 seconds....and not cry
  • to kick....again, this may be a slight exaggeration as it's quite could say that she currently has an interpretative swimming style
  • to hold onto the side of the pool.....which usually has an attention span of until she sees the duck/frog/ship float past
i definitely think that swimming is the highlight of her week....she fizzes with excitement as soon as we walk in the door.......bring on the next term and triple twists from a diving board.

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