Monday, 9 August 2010

aug, 9th - for you madam, we give a good price....

" are bound to have a wonderful time shopping in Italy."
Fodor's Modern Guides. Italy 1957.

photo by Mauro Balletti

day 178:

A. had to go back to London today. so after dropping him off at the airport, my sister, limi and i headed up to Florence to the designer outlet stores for a bit a euro-spending.

in years's been about shoes, shoes, shoes, the odd bit of clothing, shoes, shoes and more shoes.....
this was all about limi, limi, limi and more limi.

we found the most gorgeous tops for her by italian designer's, I Pinco Pallino,

i'm a sucker for attention to detail....and the tulle ruffle necklines 

and distressed hemlines on these numbers are delicious (as was the 92% discount...seriously, are there people out there that pay the full whack when they only fit for 3 months)

i also picked up a creative cardigan, some gifts for friends who have just sprouted new babies and my sister bought limi the stripy red hat in the pic above. i think that it deserves its' own photoshoot!

i had never heard of I Pinco Pallino before this trip (probably because their non-sale prices are more in the i-own-a-yacht-and-sail-to-st-tropez-every-year price range) but with the theatrical inspiration and detailed finishes, i'll definitely be hunting out more of their sales.

p.s. we bought 7 tops and larger sizes for limi (12-18 months) to try and get the max wear out of them. they're more like dresses on her at the moment and can be layered over long sleeves for winter and then hopefully still work as tops next expect to see a lot of them in pics.

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