Friday, 17 December 2010

dec, 17th - trip down memory lane....

day 307:

today we went out to discover old haunts and seek out new gems. we caught the train into the city.

and on the recommendation of a friend, headed to Degraves for a morning coffee and some fantastic people watching....

then we strolled the lanes taking in the incredible street art that 16House suggested here and here.

i am assuming that this is another beautiful piece by Miso, if i compare it to these.

i remember this sight so well from almost twenty years ago. (although...the trams have been updated and i miss the original, more clunky versions).

final thought for the day.


  1. I read this post after reading the post above ... and I'm very chuffed to see 16 House mentioned, I love the street art so much ... Now I really need a trip !!!

  2. PS and I will be sure to visit Degraves !!!


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