Monday, 20 December 2010

dec, 20th - aaah, different lives....

day 310:

we made it to the gold coast today to spend a few days with our friends angie and arran (see angie's fantastic speech tips on day 224). i haven't seen these guys in ages and hadn't met their two gorgeous boys ben and hamish. last time we met up, it was all about travelling, cooking complicated dishes and opening a bottle or two. now..... 

then: pre-dinner cocktails
now: pre-dinner puree

then: flying off to exotic locations
now: flying space-ships in the living-room

then: latest adventure stories
now: bedtime stories

then: taking our shoes off because we've danced too hard
now: taking our shoes off to curl our feet up on the couch

and it's all good!! 

ps. how immaculate is angie and arran's backyard. dream yard for kids.

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