Thursday, 23 December 2010

dec, 23rd - cousins in oz....

[Limi with Ella and Theo, Yandina, December 2010]

day 313:

Limi has cousins on three different continents. she's now met two sets and will meet the ones based in Africa in the new year. i sometimes think how crazy it is that she has to fly to see her cousins but then i remember the looooong car trips that we had to do as kids to see ours. although a long-haul flight makes everyone seem so far away, Limi will probably get to see her cousins as much, if not more than we did ours!

i took a set of pics of her with Theo (6) and Ella (9) on their grandparent's sofa at the farm today. similary to these and these, i wonder if this collection of pics will be like these for Limi.

Ella (9) likes:
  • playing the cello
  • being upside down
  • converse trainers
  • competitive pick-up-sticks (santa gift)
  • headbands

Theo (6) likes:
  • lego
  • starwars, especially light sabres
  • watching tv
  • hot toast
  • having the biggest present under the tree

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