Wednesday, 1 December 2010

dec, 1st - bloom nano urban highchair....

[the bloom nano urban highchair]

day 291:

highchairs....hmmm....when you live in a Shoe-box like we do, the thought of a clunky, lurid highchair dominating our open-plan space...made me shudder and think that once we went down that road, we'd suddenly have an invasion of plastic and when i next looked at A. in the evening it would be across a 'made in China' (no offense China) sea of primary colours.

sometimes, when Limi is fast asleep for the night, we like to turn our living-space back into a simple, adult, slightly monochromatic space. so we had extremely high, high-chair demands:
  • solid and well made - limi is an interactive eater so any wonkiness would results in crash, thud, whaaaaa....
  • simple design
  • able to fold (and prop away)
[Limi studying the next course offering]

i did some research and decided on the Bloom nano urban highchair, it's the folding version. they have a non-folding version which looks like this. the nano still has their same simple design and folds up fairly flat so that ticked two of the requirements. i was concerned that it wouldn't feel sturdy and that the leatherette would look a bit nasty but it's great. it's heavy and while the leatherette is not my favourite, it's practical (for cleaning) and not too shiny or nasty. it doesn't recline but that hasn't been a problem for us.

[first taste of scrambled egg]

my main thing is that Limi loved it from day one. 

[it will be awhile before she uses that foot-rest]

[food art]


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