Thursday, 30 December 2010

dec, 30th - brunch with bill, jack and jill....

day 320:

there are definitely a few things that we miss by living in London.......views of blue water is one of them....yesterday we had the quintessential view of sun, sails and that blue, rippling water....we introduced Limi to her great aunt and uncle, Jill and Jack......

 and caught up with old friends....

(Limi with her new favourite book - That's not my Tiger)

today.....was another reminder of things that London is missing.....first, some good friends (that now live in Sydney) and creamed corn for making sweetcorn fritters...i miss creamed corn (such a part of my varsity years). we woke up to bright sunshine and strolled from our friends' place down some fantastically buzzy streets in Woollahra to Bill Granger's cafe for a catch-up lunch (oh and some delectable sweetcorn fritters).

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  1. oh she is precious, i love her little romper.

    xo christina


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