Monday, 27 December 2010

dec, 27th - namesake.....

day 317:

Limi's full name is Lissom (see day 6....hmmm, yes it did take us 6 days to name her). It was her great-grandmother's name on A's paternal side. I had never seen a picture of Lissom but had loved the name from the first time I heard it. By all accounts, Lissom was a feisty lady and raised 4 young children on her own after her husband died unexpectedly from pneumonia. So, a great woman to name Limi after.

Today, I caught my first glimpse of Lissom. A's folks have this picture on their wall from her wedding day.

there are many things that i love about this photo.....

the shoes, the veil, the fact that Lissom is carrying Arum lilies (one of my favourite), a full eyebrow, the shoulder bouquets and that delicate watch worn as a cuff.

it's fantastic to be able to put a face to the name.

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