Monday, 6 December 2010

dec, 6th - 10 months.....

day 296:
10 months old today! so...the 10 month round-up....

Dimensions & Weight:
Length - 80 cm (that's a full 5cms since last month)

still no change in:
Foot Length - 11 cm
Hand Length - 8.5 cm
Ear Length - 5 cm 

Hair - growing...definitely growing....
Teeth - two teeth at the bottom and her two top front teeth
Weight - haven't weighed her since 8 months (8.4kgs)

Words - dada, mama, dudu (think it's duck), bubu (book)

This Month's Likes & Dislikes:

Likes -

  • gym class (see day 279)
  • chatting and singing....ALOT of chatting and singing

  • climbing on everything
  • blowing rasberries....yes, STILL

  • humming whilst eating...but only if it's good
  • her yoga buddies (see day 286)
    • slightly gentler forms of last...if i say squeeze me...then Limi throws her head against my chest for a tight squeeze
    • feeding herself

    Dislikes -
    • keeping a hat and mittens on....even when it's snowing outside

    • sitting still on an aeroplane (day 269)
    • not being able to move without holding on....very frustrating.....

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