Sunday, 26 December 2010

dec, 26th - noah's ark and indoor activities....

day 316:

boxing day and the rain since we arrived on Wednesday, has been biblical.....unrelenting and torrential....we even suspect that it may be the making of 'noah's ark 2' or 'the return of the ark'. the problem is that if it is, then we have obviously not been selected as the perfect human specimens for saving.....we will need to fend for ourselves (i once did raft building which may come in handy).

the area that we're in is called the sunshine this rate we'll be writing to the tourist board and asking for a refund.....even the snow in London is starting to look appealing.

so, even though there is the hugest backyard, we've been stuck indoors....trying to entertain three children and 7 adults.....there's been plenty of indoor gymnastics, block building and

lego construction.



and cardboard-car-passage-motoring.

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