Wednesday, 27 October 2010

oct, 27th - halloween party....

[our invite]

day 258:

we've been invited to a party today...well really Limi has, I'm just along to make sure that she doesn't climb up their bookshelf or eat the dog's food. it's a Halloween Party and of course dress-up. as i mentioned on day 247, i love a good dress-up. growing up, we were lucky enough to have a mum who is a fantastic whenever it came to dress-ups, we would go to her with some elaborate idea and she would have to try and turn these seahorse/unicorn/eagle fantasies into something wearable....
i have a lot to live up to!

anyway....i decided that i should start as i mean to go on and make Limi her first dress-up costume....i mean she's small, a bit like sewing doll's clothes. how hard can it be.....

Costume - Plan A

my idea was the WOLF in Red Riding Hood when he's dressed up in the Grandmother's clothing.....i know.....i should have gone with a big round, orange, pumpkin instead....but i had such high hopes for my bonnet!!! 

[i didn't actually get to paint the nose and whiskers on....had to add these later]

without the bonnet and just the fur headband she was channelling Donald Trump and i was doubled up laughing......scary?...i guess if you're an apprentice. anyway.....bonnets are a lot harder to make than they look.....and only a roll of sellotape would keep her from ripping this one off!

she had furry 'paws' sticking out from her nightgown......and well....

here's the problem, i may have gone a bit cheap on the fur because we were both sneezing like someone had ripped open a vacuum-bag in the room. i chickened out. i couldn't face making a room full of miniature witches, ghosts, zombies and skeletons sneeze uncontrollably all afternoon. it wouldn't bode well for Limi's future invites....

so onto Costume - Plan B.

the bought version....(yes, i may have had some doubts around my costume making ability)

a scary leopard......with a real painted nose and whiskers this time....

....that giraffe didn't stand a chance.....


this one was a hit and the hood even stayed on. 
 and maybe next year, she will even leave the house in her homemade costume.

happy Halloween.

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