Friday, 5 March 2010

mar, 5th - head-wetting...well an excuse for a party!

day 27:

When we were born, our mums spent at least a week in hospital...recuperating...i guess not only from the birth but also the cooking and cleaning :) During this week, where our dad's ate the labelled dinners out the freezer, it was also custom for the guys to get together and have a baby head-wetting! (Really an excuse to down a few drinks before the women came home!)

Well, given that we didn't give A. a chance to down any drinks and that my sister, with her amazing culinary skills, was in town, we decided to have a 1 month celebration (head-wetting...that some people misread as bed-wetting...a strange reason to celebrate) for Limi.

Not sure if she'll remember any of it because she managed to sleep through all our noise but we'll all remember the snacks! Thanks Nix (oh, and Flea and Damien were wondering if you cater for weddings!)

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