Friday, 4 June 2010

jun, 4th - in love with hipstamatic....

day 115:

i majored in fine art photography when it was all still about darkrooms and film rather than photoshop and, i've always been interested in the processing of images as much as the images themselves. paging through photo-albums when i was a child...i loved the different formats and colours (Polaroid featured heavily in my childhood) and still today, i love collecting cameras that recreate those muted tones, analogue quality, quirky flashes and processing-mishap-effects (Lomography is a favourite!)

watching the Polaroid magic of the image appear on a tiny square of film definitely had an influence on my future degree. when Polaroid announced their demise and then we had a countdown for the expiration of the last pack of felt like armageddon when the alien war ships were approaching earth.......those whites squares have captured so many memories and even played a significant part in our wedding 3 years ago when we set up a 'polaroid booth' i couldn't bring myself to throw away my camera and was overjoyed when the company was rescued by heroes: The Impossible Project.

so.....discovering the new incredible app, Hipstamatic, available for download on my iPhone......was a MAJOR event and i am now a complete addict....not only does it produce some of the same polaroid magic (and even has a little developing cycle to recreate that instant gratification moment) BUT it also has some fantastic advantages...the first one, is not having to treat every little square like precious gold because of their cost; second, being able to adjust the film and lens as quickly as the English Summer light and finally, being able to upload images digitally without having to faff about with the scanner....

Polaroid will always remain my first love but Hipstamatic is my new flirtation so bear with me while i absorb myself completely in this relationship and like any new love, go on and on and on and on and on about to anyone who will listen...................

ps. now....if some clever people would just develop an app for recreating 8mm cine style video.....


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  2. beautiful pics, as always deedee


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