Thursday, 21 April 2011

apr, 21st - boulders beach....

day 438 continued.....

a picnic on Boulders Beach today.....for every family who have ever visited Cape Town, i have urged them to make the drive to Boulders Beach. why? because you can swim and sunbathe with the resident penguins...right there on the rock beside you.

the other big draw is that the water is often slightly warmer here than the rest of Cape Town....growing up around the Indian ocean where we would spend hours 'surfing' the very first dip in the Atlantic was met with 'Yikes, i can't feel my feet' and lots of yelps until i was safely back on the dry sand.....the water is seriously cold in Cape Town.

but Limi has obviously built up a British constitution over past year as she was obsessed with the sea......we couldn't keep her out long enough to rub her down and bring the feeling back to her legs.

best day......


  1. What an amazing place .... oh my those penguins are amazing I love that bottom pic of sticky beak one and little Limi looks to be having a wonderful time !!!

  2. My god that baguette looks amazing.
    It was a truly fab day. Thank you!
    Will be back again and again.

  3. Hanging with penguins!!! I had no idea that was even possible. You've just blown my mind. Oops, there it is all over my screen. ;0)


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