Friday, 22 April 2011

apr, 22nd - moyo at zoo lake...

[the cousins] 

day 439 continued.....

the second part of our South Africa trip is all about family and celebrations......

arriving in Jozi (Johannesburg), i am just amazed at the incredible energy left over from the Soccer World Cup last year and still depressed that i couldn't be there in person.

first stop with the family (yay, cousins all in one country)....Moyo at Zoo Lake.....a very child friendly restaurant.....okay, they don't have swings in the restaurant (although i would completely support the person who comes up with a swinging high-chair) but half the restaurant is designed as a huge outside, lounging space with a vast park right next door.

the inspiration for Moyo is Africa. food, decor and music all showcase a vibrant blend of the African continent......from Morocco to Ethiopia, Mozambique to South Africa. it is a celebration of all the wonderful flavours that can be found from North to South.

and after can get your face painted in a more traditional way to the usual butterflies and tigers.....


  1. Your photography is gorgeous. What an amazing place!

  2. So sweet seeing little Limi with her cousins and the look on her face when it is getting painted is just gold.


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