Wednesday, 10 August 2011

aug, 10th - saatchi gallery....

day 542:

although London has been in serious turmoil this week, it still manages to pull itself together and astound me. it was the most gloriously, beautiful evening today and London showed me its' best side: Summery people strolling around, completely happy and different to the last couple of nights....anyway i attended a workshop at the Saatchi Gallery and it was amazing.....i haven't visited the new space which is fantastic.

for the workshop we made installations out of slats from venetian blinds using garden variety potatoes to hold them together.....surprisingly effective and fun. 

our inspiration was Bjorn Dahlem's piece called The Milky Way

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  1. How fun ... I never got to visit the Saatchi Gallery when I was in London, love that you did this Dee, you must have had a ball !!!!!


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