Monday, 22 August 2011

aug, 22nd - fever and fish....

day 553:

first hospital run with Limi last night....well in fact we called the doctor and he made an appointment for us in the emergency ward (who knew that you could even do that). she's had a temperature since Saturday and we've managed to keep it under control with damp muslins and medicine but it rocketed again last night. given that she's had it for three days our out-of-hours service suggested that we take her in to get checked out. by the time we left the house, late last night, the temp had come right down again and she actually squealed with delight at the unusual outing. she sang all the way to the hospital and showed baby the bright lights of Chelsea out the window (we were headed to Chelsea & Westminster). once there, she was stunned that she was allowed to watch t.v. (Shrek) and then delighted by the doctor's attention. she lifted up her shirt for the stethescope and helpfully pointed out her boop boop (belly button), presented each ear for inspection holding her head extra still and then opened her mouth wide for the doctor to check her throat. whilst he tried to explain to us that she does have a virus and fluid behind her ears she chatted away, explaining all the inspected body parts to him again. seriously, she could have tried to look a little more unwell given that she's kept me awake for almost 48 hours. he actually said: 'you're far too happy for someone who's sick' :)  

the night was still a bit unsettled....but she seems to be putting up a good fight against this virus. 


  1. I hope all is better now and that you have managed to get some rest. My kids always seem to get better as soon as I get them to the doctor too!

  2. Hope Limi's on the mend. The outing must have been a distraction from how she was feeling. Kids are funny... x

  3. Oh poor baby, love her helpfulness with doctor, shes a gem !!!

  4. get well soon limi! another trick mine have played- so so terribly ill, though once you make the midnight trip to the hospital the car ride and the pretty lights seem to have cured all! hope you get sleep dee x


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