Tuesday, 2 August 2011

aug, 2nd - provence: arles photography festival - part II....

day 535:

so part II of the Arles Photography Exhibition {see day 534 for part I}.

between exhibitions, we wandered past this image that caught our eye and followed the arrows into a small gallery off the festival map. the photographer is William Ropp

while Limi and A made friends with other festival goers, i had a quick whizz around his beautiful images.

love this wall. then it was onto a very poignant exhibition.....

Miquel Barcelo and Douglas Gordon, curated by the late Cy Twombly: Barcelo's works are paintings rather than photographs. He painted blind with bleach onto black linen canvas, revealing distorted faces coming out the darkness. Gordon's body of work is large scale photographs of celebrities burnt and partly destroyed and then framed against mirrors which reflect the viewer.....i loved this show.

and finally, after a mad dash in some heavy rain....we ended our tour here....

at the SFR Young Talent exhibition.

if I haven't expressed it enough....your really SHOULD visit this festival if you ever get the chance. it's brilliant.

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