Wednesday, 3 August 2011

aug, 3rd - provence: lunch in arles....

day 536:

in between exhibitions, we stopped to have lunch in a square. mussels, creme brulee and caffe....accompanied by calypso guitar and accordian.....Limi loved the buzz

on a trip to Brussels a couple of years ago, a couple taught us to eat mussels using an empty restaurant-lesson ever given, they are the perfect utensil.

then it was back to see more pics.

edit note: A. reminded me that it was actually Brussels not Amsterdam where we learnt the mussel shell tweezer trick. all fixed.


  1. Hi Dee
    Nice to meet you here will enjoy coming over and seeing whats happening in your world I'm new to blogland so feel free to come and join me it's nice to make new friends.

    Talk soon Always Wendy

  2. Yum Yum, we have a friend who owns an oyster lease on the south coast, he showed us how to eat mussels that way too, love those little life tips !!!
    loving the shot of Limi's hands holding the shell.

  3. eating overseas is one of the greatest pleasures in life don't you think? those mussels and creme caramel - yum!

  4. That creme brulee looks delish, wish I was eating it!


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