Thursday, 11 August 2011

aug, 11th - provence: breakfast....

day 543:

'i can taste the strawberries in this strawberry jam', A. proclaimed whilst slathering a piece of baguette with another dollop and subtlety moving the jar just out of reach. during our breakfasts at Monte Arena {see day 540}, we became obsessed with this jam made by Patrick. i had forgotten how strawberries are meant to taste.....ones we buy in London are poor imitations. sadly, we didn't manage to wrangle the recipe out of Patrick but he did give us a hint that it wasn't just strawberry, the other secret ingredient is rhubarb.
problem is...........i think it was those Provencal strawberries that were in fact, the real secret ingredient. 

if jam and fresh baguette don't take your fancy, then Mandy at 16House, my provider of all things beautiful-blog related, posted about this breakfast inspiration.

what is it about breakfast that makes it such wonderful eye-candy.

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