Wednesday, 17 August 2011

aug, 17th - provence: swan rides....

day 549:

carousel rides seem to be a way of life in France.....i'm so in love with this idea....instead of swings, French children grow up riding on unicorns and tigers (okay, i realise that they also have swings...but you know what i mean)

i love the faded colours, the theatrically strung lights, the worn handle bars.......and the gleeful faces of kids as they come in and out of focus.

this was Limi's first ride (found in Arles)....a time, the high-stepping lion or horse.... 

one day i'd like a garden big enough for a carousel.


  1. I love the look on Limi's face in the third shot and those dolls got a great ride too !!!

  2. Hello, I've just come over here from one claire day. Love your little girl on the carousel with her dolls! Lovely blog too, such beautiful photos. I'm more than a bit jealous of all your travels. Kellie xx


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