Tuesday, 23 August 2011

aug, 23rd - tracey emin....

day 554:

we went to see this exhibit a few weeks ago. i've always been a bit of a tracey emin fan but this show convinced me that i am a HUGE fan....

in fact, i don't think that Emin's work should ever be shown in isolation. when you see it all together, it works beautifully. the intricacy and intimacy of her needlepoint, sketches, neon signs, installations and movies all weave together to produce something raw yet completely captivating. 

the exhibition is on until Monday at the Hayward Gallery. 

definitely worth seeing.

plus, i haven't been down to the Southbank in ages and wow, it's looking fantastic. it has a complete English seaside (think a trendy and creative Margate) vibe going on. 

and we definitely need to bring Limi back to this fountain.


  1. Can I jsut say THANK YOU for transporting me to faraway places? You have taken me to Provence, South Africa, Italy, the english countryside and various little London gems - galleries, cafe's, museums... all from my humble little office in Australia.... xxx

  2. Oh lucky you, I would looooove to see this, I started reading her book last night (My life in a Column), so funny to click on your blog and see her here, you gotta love her !!!


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