Sunday, 14 August 2011

aug, 14th - who's been playing in my photobooth......

day 546:

Jae {see day 389} and Limi left me these pics in the photobooth on my laptop......the last one is Limi's 'official' smile.....if you say 'smile'.....that's what you get.

safe travels Jae. see you soon.


  1. What fun!! These photos are adorable. Number five is one to frame. Also love number four merely because my son has a belly button obsession at the moment and is always lifting his t-shirt like that to show the world his belly! :)

  2. So gorgeous ... and what a nice surprise to find on your computer. Love that smile!!

  3. What a gorgeous surprise. So totally adorable!!

  4. Loving that smile ... and these pics, looks like they have fun together !!!

  5. Too funny. Love the 'official smile', my bubba does that too. Could you clone your nanny for me, I think I could use one, she looks fun!


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