Tuesday, 20 September 2011

sep, 20th - sleep....

day 567:

all i can think about is sleep. lots and lots of sleep. 
frankly, i wish that i could say that it's all i dream about. 

a late night brain-buzz, combined with a teething baby is certainly not helping.
a sleep holiday. that's what i need. perhaps a mattress company needs a spring-tester (almost as good as a job tasting wine), i could happily apply and commit myself completely to the the new role.

for now, i'm aiming for a full, uninterrupted 5 hours.


  1. mmmmm.... me too.... what a lovely thought

  2. Oh you poor baby, hope you manage to get a bit of shut eye ...
    I do love love love these pics !!!

  3. We remember it well! How adorable is she though. That's the thing with babies, they're designed to be so cute that you can forgive them anything. Even lack of sleep.

  4. I know how you feel! Well, she looks like a darling angel while sleeping.



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