Thursday, 29 September 2011

sep, 29th - these two....

day 576:

these two used to be at completely different stages - here Limi is 56 days old and Oats is due in two weeks and then about two weeks later, Oats as a newborn and Limi all 'grown-up' at 10 weeks old. 

now, you can hardly tell them apart.

once Limi had adjusted to Oats' impressive scream at the end of 'row, row, row your boat' (our mild scream needs some work) they were firm (if sometimes reluctant-to-share) friends and explored every inch of this house over the weekend.

communal baths were especially a highlight.

and the window cleaner is going to find multiple mini hand-prints at waist level on every single pane of glass. 


  1. Just too adorable and cute and everything wonderful!! Oh my goodness how wonderful these little creatures are!!

  2. I'm with Nivaldo and Louise .... just adorable, little friends are so special.


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