Tuesday, 6 September 2011

sep, 6th - toasty....

day 565:

all this wet, windy and whirling weather has made me think of long scarves, a new winter coat and cleaning up my gum boots for splashing with Limi. 
although, i would be just as happy right now, curled up in front of a fire, covered in a cable knit blanket and reading her Winnie-the-Pooh . preferably, in front of this fireplace...... 

it's in one of my favourite bar's/ restaurant's in Kalk Bay, South Africa (see days 437 & 437 continued). called Polana, it is wedged snugly against the pier in Kalk Bay's working harbour. 

the bar has the most spectacular window right on the waters's edge. in winter the waves crash up against the glass with some ferocity and during summer you can sit and spot the local otters frolicking in the waves. 

we go to curl up on the skinny la minx {see day 515} pillows and sip huge glasses of deep red, South African wine. 
and later as we're leaving, i love to stop and watch the local fishermen hauling in their silvery, slippery catch. 


  1. I can certainly see why you want to be curled up on front on the fire in that amazing place! Kellie xx

  2. ("in front of" that should read ... sorry, far too slack on the proof reading over here.)

  3. That wood burner and those tiles have me hyperventilating... my idea of perfect!!

  4. but you forgot to say who you most like to go there with...


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