Sunday, 18 September 2011

sep, 18th - last days of summer....

day 565:

with everything so severely regulated these's surprising when you see something open-minded, slightly reckless, and certainly fantastic like this Summer, water installation on the South Bank. you are almost waiting for the grumpy man to descend and order you all home with a dose of lemsip......but this fountain, by Danish artist, Jeppe Hein, called 'Appearing Rooms' is built especially for children to immerse themselves in.

'panes' of water appear in squares, so you can leap from room to room and stay relatively dry.....but hey, what's the fun in that.

Limi was in there with the boys, dashing from room to room and almost getting trampled in the stampede.....but stubbornly refusing to be held back.

i think that this may just be her dream house.

hope you had a wonderful weekend too. x


  1. Amazing installation!

    How cute is she is there with all the big kids? hehe... she's loving it! x


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