Sunday, 4 September 2011

sep, 4th - weekend....

day 563:

it was a bittersweet niece is off to boarding school so it was filled with wanting to go out and make the most of it but also just wanting to stay home and go into a family huddle. 

on saturday we ventured out and went to a friends' house for their annual mews party. i've always been a bit smitten with the idea of living in a mews in London, the hidden-out-of-sight quality mixed with a strong sense of community and communal-living. i've pictured everyone bringing out their tables in the evening and creating an impromptu-alfresco-dinner-festival, sharing eggs, children running from one house to the next and always having a neighbour on hand to share a glass of wine after a rough day.

so an annual mews party.....well, it completes the vision.....

Limi loved the collection of dolls and many people have said before us, no matter how much we encourage both dolls and dragons, pirates and mermaids, trains and shoes.....she still gravitates to the babies and prams......although to be fair, she is also keen on scooters and speed.

and if your feet look like this by the end of the day then it must have been a good one.....(or you've been walking briefly on a London pavements)


  1. Again, love the shots! I know what you mean about the dirty feet though... I always feel a day's activities were particularly good when my fella has dee-irty feet!

    (I spent six months working in a pub in London when I was 20, love the mews, too!)

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. What a great set of photos ... I think the dirty feet is my favourite!!


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