Monday, 5 September 2011

sep, 5th - rainy sunday....

day 564:

a rainy sunday. the cold weather is coming before we've even had a chance to wear out our slip slops. but we're still holding tightly onto our thoughts of summer so we went to the indoor heated pool for a swim (there are some fantastic pools that we are just discovering) and then snuggled up on the couch to watch the rain trickle down the window.

some things for a sunday whilst sitting in front of a rainy window:

* this song recommended by a friend
* this eye-candy-tumblr blog
*trawling this site for treasures
* this prettiness

hope you had a good weekend too. x


  1. lovely links.
    you and limi look so alike in these last two photos!
    she's so darn cute.

  2. Great shots Dee, love Limi with the camera, and loving that Little Paris site, I could go a bit crazy there !!!

  3. So many gorgeous shots (and links) all in one post!!


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