Wednesday, 28 September 2011

sep, 28th - market day....

day 575:

it's market day in Girona on a we headed down to stock up on supplies. with amazing kitchens to cook in, incredibly fresh produce to choose from, wonderful alfresco eating areas, culinary skills to appreciate and babies to put to bed it made sense to eat in every night.

as you would expect in Spain, the market has an impressive array of fresh meats and seafood. with zero Spanish (shameful as that is) it was shopping mostly down to hand gestures and big grins.

after some serious produce prodding, we stopped at a cafe in the market for the local Bocadillo and beer. Bocadillo is pure, delicious simplicity: jamon iberico de belotta (ham) in a crusty baguette that has been rubbed with the cut side of a tomato and drizzled with olive oil. this one was exceptional.

then back into the throngs for more supplies....

and we lingered until closing.....

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