Thursday, 8 September 2011

sep, 8th - sometimes the world flips on its head....

day 566:

boarding school has been on our minds lately......not induced by Limi becoming alot more forceful in her opinions, we're not planning on shipping her out (she far too lovely and entertaining with sentences like: 'mimi, zozo no, no, where is' and 'mimi, pasta sausage eat. num num', plus some impressive arm actions to incy wincy spider). it's been on our minds because my niece has almost completed her first week of school as a boarder in the english countryside. 

it's made me think about how much you have to keep adapting, adjusting, rethinking your opinions based on how your child grows, your circumstances change, opportunities suddenly appear and through it all, you determine what is best for you, your family, your children....i'm realising that parenting is not for the stubborn or narrow-minded.....or the faint-hearted. 

things change....

something that you would have completely baulked at before, you suddenly find....almost acceptable: 
* eating a half-bitten stick of carrot that is generously offered to you and would be mean to refuse even though it's been squeezed in a sticky, gummed hand (yes, really)
* walking at a elderly-snail's pace down the street, stopping to inspect every leaf and sit in every tree

* being okay with the the fact that when you leave the room, Limi announces to the room Mama, wee wee

things you thought/hoped you'd never do.....inevitably happen: 
* accidentally....and i DO mean accidentally referring to your husband as Dada (oh the shame)
* more than once catching yourself almost licking your finger to wipe away some dirty smudge on a small face
* taking the full impact of the projectile vomit to avoid it hitting the fabric on the couch
your old views are shattered, opinions get challenged and well frankly, sometimes it seems that parenting just laughs in the face of your hygiene standards.....i know that we probably have plenty of tough decisions ahead......and will continue to adjust our thinking to try to give our family the very best (in terms of happiness, opportunities, contentment, love) .......i also know that this was part of the tough decision made by my sister and brother-in-law.... my niece is so very very excited about going to this school and i know that she will be exceptional. 


  1. Dee, you write so so beautifully ....
    and the look of love between those two is so beautiful (you have captured it perfectly), wishing your niece all the happiness in her new big life adventure XXX

  2. These pictures are so gorgeous... isn't it amazing how we can completely change our moral standing on certain things after we have children of our own? When you finally realise what a difficult gig parenting can be - you suddenly have a new found respect for the choices and decisions other parents make for their children when you might have previously judged. Great post, very thought provoking x


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