Thursday, 20 October 2011

oct, 20th - cal....

day 597:

so, it was my nephew, cal's, 1st birthday recently. these pics are from when he was 7 months old....(yes, completely gratuitous pics of an extremely cute family member)......but anyway, my issue come boys get all the hair? these locks are just crying out for pigtails while Limi is still cultivating a long mohawk....these are family genes after all.....

anyway, happy birthday cal-cal. 


  1. what a cutie!!

    my sister has 3 kids (2 girls and a boy) and they have all been bald/sparse hair like your Limi. It doesn't come in until 2/3 years, so it isn't just the boys :)

  2. He is DIVINE! So squeezable!!

    All that hair is not fair! Lalie is still a baldy, what's with that? hmph!

  3. My two girls were both slow hair growers. Like your little Limi both their hair grew out and thickened before it got any real length. It does happen though - have a look and you'll see they both have plenty of hair now!


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