Monday, 24 October 2011

oct, 24th - new shoes....

day 601:

wow. keeping a child's wardrobe stocked with seasonal clothes that fit is more tricky than i imagined. Limi can still sometimes be seen squeezed into nine to twelve month leggings (well crop-leggings) and three quarter sleeved tops. that is until Jae does a big purge and another bag gets packed up and put away.....then suddenly the drawers are empty again.....

and good shoes are the hardest things to find....this sweet pair (in my vetoed pink.....but hey a dusty, dirty pink is not too bad...right?) are from Zara (the girls' section this time)....these sparkly numbers may be a stretch too far....although i so want to......they remind me of my dancing youth and being up on stage covered in glitter and sequins from head to toe.

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  1. I love the new shoes ... very cute and dusty pink really doesn't count does it, I always love the colours you dress Limi in, especially the greys ...
    Really liked the shots in the previous post too, what a lovely story Dee.
    Oh and thanks for the hands up on the "secateurs"for some crazy reason (probably early alzheimer's !!!) I could not think of that word ... Dee to the rescue !!!
    Us Aussies can be a vague lot !!!


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