Monday, 3 October 2011

oct, 3rd - 19 and 20 months....

day 580:

19 and 20 month updates....

(20 months in 3 days, feels like a milestone)

Length - 83cms
Foot Length - 13cms
Hand length - 10.5cms

and no change on:

Ear length - 6cms (ears don't seem to grow very fast)

Weight - 12.4kgs

Hair - still not enough for pigtails....or even for a first haircut......but still growing with lots of curls

Teeth - pesky teeth - the bottom incisors are out and the top are struggling through. whoohoo, we're almost there. the teeth have been a long journey with plenty of rashes around the mouth, tubes of Bongela and herbal Teethas

New words - pah.....we have

- Limi mouth go parp
(after a milk burb)

- Mama say no, no Limi laptop
(after using my laptop as a jazz piano)

- Limi more peese (please), toast
(asking for more toast)

- No, no where Dada is?
(wondering when A. is getting back)

- Limi bird is aer-plane
(after I explained that being in an aeroplane is a bit like being a bird in the sky)

This Month's Likes and Dislikes:

Likes -

- doing everything by herself - including climbing up stairs, doing up shoes, getting undressed, doing up fact it's 'Mama, step away, I can do this'.....
- stripping. this morning I found Limi sitting in her cot naked except for her nappy and working on the nappy tapes. this is bad timing when we're heading into Winter
- keys and doors....still
- sitting on tree trunks. on our walks we have to stop and perch on a tree trunk for a few seconds and then move onto the next tree
- back tickles. especially after a bath and preferably Dada's back tickles (he IS especially talented when it comes to back tickles)
- brushing teeth. whenever we brush our teeth Limi wants to do hers too. afterwards, she stands on the basin table and also swishes and spits
- bubble baths and solo showers. a big highlight is giving us all bubble beards and standing alone in the shower while the water rains down
- singing. especially ABCD; row, row, row your boat; happy days (Limi's own version of happy birthday) and incy, wincy spider
- counting. 6,7,8,9 are the preferred numbers
- kissing our arms and fish kisses. our bare arms are smattered with kisses in the morning and good-byes are a series of fish kisses. A. and i always joke that Limi's first crush will be surprised when she lunges in with a fish-style kiss

Dislikes - 

- No. Rather don't. Maybe not. Stop and come away
- keeping fingers off our laptops...they just keep creeping back
- the way that i organise my apps on my iPhone it seems as they keep getting rearranged and put into new folders

What We Love -

- well everything but especially all this talking. it's a running commentary soundtrack of our lives....

'Mama brushes hair.
Dada put shirt on.
Dada brushes teeth.
Bee. Bee! (looking outside)
Mama puts Mama shoes.'
and so it goes on.......


  1. What a gorgeous girl! Happy 20 months! (We just celebrated 21!)

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. Love those fish kisses! Happy 20 months Limi bird!

    The dress and scarf fabrics are divine! xx

  3. love those fish kisses deedil. noticed them in the market pics in Gerona and had a good chuckle. xx
    ps. camilla never grew out of fish kisses.

  4. gorgeous! love those sentences limi! such a big girl. i love this age and language explosion, so much

  5. Hi! New follower! She is absolutely adorable! Aren't those teeth just the most annoying thing ever?!


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