Thursday, 6 October 2011

oct, 6th - straight lines....

day 583:

inspired by the incredible architecture of the house in Girona {see day 574}, I made Limi her own modernist shed out of a spare packing box. 

a lick of black paint, some floral bunting and a few resident birds and her renovation was complete.

she's loving her shed and wants us to knock on the door so that she can 'let us in'. i'm also loving the shed and was sadly excited to finish it overnight so that she could move in first thing in the morning. (i can see a future of staying up late to make surprises so that we get to see her excited, lit-up face in the morning.)


  1. I just love your site! Such a breath of fresh European air! And oh do I remember, as a kid, the joy of a cardboard box...

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. Oh you are just too much. Painting the house black...I love it!! and the birds...the whole thing is just too fabulous!

  3. I looove it Dee, especially the black, best looking cubby house I have seen .... you are a clever bunny !!!

  4. it's a kind of magic. fairytalesque. conjure me up a palace won't you?
    Love Loula xx

  5. Gorgeous! I love it. And your blog. x

  6. Thanks :-) There is something so satisfying about creating out of what is lying around the house.....i'm think finger puppets next! x


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