Wednesday, 26 October 2011

oct, 26th - petersham nurseries....

day 603:

much has been written over the years about the cafes at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. they inspire lyrical words. i went many years ago and was completely charmed by the setting, the food and the waitrons in gumboots and floral aprons.

it's been ages since i was last there but this past weekend we made it back to the teahouse. it's looking a bit different....more of an operation now...bigger and slightly slicker but still as beautifully ramshackle-garden-chic as i remembered.

the restaurant and cafes are set in large greenhouses. bathed in glorious Autumn sunshine we had some lunch and then queued up again to sample their array of interesting cakes: beetroot, flourless chocolate, iced orange and coconut. you could definitely lose whole mornings here cocooned from the chill outside and surrounded by tangled plants.

and while you're there, the shop is definitely worth a look.

now that we've rediscovered it....i think that we'll be spending a lot of time here over Winter.


  1. I've always wanted to visit Petersham Nurseries ... it always looks so inviting.

  2. beautiful photographs, been wanting to go there for ages, very high on our list next time we are in London!


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