Thursday, 13 October 2011

oct, 13th - covent garden....

day 590:

we've been talking alot lately about what London has to offer. what it doesn't offer is obvious: beaches, lots of sunny weather and oodles of space (oh that large garden with a pool that I crave)....but what it does offer is diversity, creativity and always lots of amazing things to do....not forgetting of course, red buses, castles, soldiers, boats, trains and plenty of ducks.

although i definitely have nothing against the obvious things to do with kids: the zoo, the amazing parks, the aquarium etc......i also think that there are so many fantastic resources available in London that could make a childhood here completely magical.......

we've been putting in some effort to think about places that may fire Limi's imagination, things that are relevant to her right now: body parts, animals, people, aeroplanes, colours etc.

so recently, we took Limi to Covent Garden to watch the buskers. these street performers are set such a high standard for the rest of London....

Limi loved these guys as did we the whole experience.....always fun to be a tourist in your own town.

other things that we've come up with....and this is by no means a completed list (all suggestions welcome) are:
  • body part spotting in the sculpture rooms at the V&A gallery
  • learning colours at the Tate Modern: matching colour cards to artworks
  • Covent Garden buskers....always new...always interesting
  • the stuffed animal rooms at the Natural History Museum.....Limi was fascinated by it all but especially the beaks and feathers
  • the South Bank for it's Summer beach, buskers and this water installation
  • the amazing churches in London. Jae took Limi to Westminster Abbey and she was captivated, by the building, the sculptures, the people praying
in fact, any suggestions on somewhere to learn counting and a good puppet show would be welcome.


  1. Look how much genuine fun your little one is having...that is pure joy and makes me smile! :) This reminds me of my many trips to Coven Garden when I was little growing up in lovely! Glad you all had such a magical time and what wonderful pictures to capture the moments!

    Liesl :)

  2. hello,
    i'm just discovering your blog, and I am found of it !
    i am in London too and i know very well this place.
    very very nice pictures by the way ...


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