Sunday, 9 October 2011

oct, 9th - green eyed monster....

day 587:

the Shoebox is getting decidedly squishy with the three of us....we have a plan for more space but we will only make the change next year. in the interim, while we try and keep the plastic toys from reaching the roof (hmmm....not true, plastic is banned), friends are snapping up 4 bedroom + garden Shoebox Palaces across London.....

on friday night, we caught up with some friends for dinner......their new house is a gorgeous fact the faded, stripped back parts (in preparation for their renovation) are my favourite type of background....

dismantling fake walls and pulling up floorboards has revealed unbelievable treasures.....original cornicing, floorboards, tilework and fireplaces....honestly, this house is my kind of heaven....

we enjoyed a delicious dinner but even more than that, it was fantastic to see our friends again after busy lives have kept interrupting our catch-ups..... 

and boy what a beautiful home they! most definitely.



    How beautiful. I'm jealous too!

  2. I'm green too, that is absolute perfection to me ... I love it,that painting above the fireplace is divine, it reminds me of the one in your home (It's not a "Dee" original is it?)

  3. Oh my god! What an amazing house! I'm very jealous too! x

  4. Yes, the pics don't do it seriously just oozes original features. Mandy, that is a Dee original :-) Well spotted!


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