Friday, 28 October 2011

oct, 28th - autumn leaves and giraffes....

day 605:

Limi and i bunked off on Tuesday afternoon and went to the zoo. i'm not a huge zoo fan...they sometimes leave me feeling sad (i'm much more of a here person) but London Zoo has never felt cramped or caged somehow.....

we had a great time just the two of us.....especially on the carousel and with the 'Raffes'

you always leave this place wanting more.....has to be a good thing.

have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday. x


  1. Rafts are our favorite too. They are so mesmerising. Beautiful photos, as per usual.

  2. That's where I (Louise) spent most of my childhood. We lived round the corner from there.

  3. What a great afternoon ... and Limi's little beanie is DIVINE !!!

  4. You have such an amazing talent in taking pictures! Your portraits of your baby are really good. If you ever need to make an online album of these perfect shots, do visit :)



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