Tuesday, 8 November 2011

nov, 8th - seasons....

[Limi in her deer pose]

day 616:

it's hard sometimes not to wonder why good people face such heartbreak. especially when it comes to having children. we have friends going through so much around us and i get incredibly frustrated that there seems to be no logic as to who has an easy ride and who faces the rollercoaster. surely love, stability, security and readiness should be more than enough.....

something that i read recently, emily rapp's own story, has really stayed with me. i've thought about it alot this week. what the rapps are going through as a family makes no sense and at the same time, what emily has written, created complete clarity for me. enjoy the moment, embrace simplicity, live for the here and the now and don't take for granted, for one second, the love from those around us.

{emily's story found via here}


  1. oh, that story changed my heart.

    beautiful pics, love Limi the deer x

  2. I read that story too, it certainly does stay with you doesn't it .... like you said, we can only embrace our moments and live for the here x

    Limi's deer pose is sure a moment to embrace !!!

  3. Wow, what a story!! So heartbreaking.
    Love LImi's deer pose. She's even dressed in deer colours. She always makes me smile.


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